The rCredits Agreement

A. I recognize that:

  • rCredits are intended as the basis for the Common Good Economy -- a democratic, community-centered economic system that puts people and planet first.
  • Together as a community we have the power to issue credit for our own use as a medium of exchange. It is our promise to accept rCredits that gives them value.
  • Governance by the people is essential for a just society.

B. As a responsible participant in the Common Good Economy:

  1. As long as I can spend my rCredits easily or exchange them easily for US Dollars, I will accept them without limit as payment for my goods and services. I will exchange rCredits for US Dollars only if I cannot spend them easily.
  2. I will accept rCredits from members of any Common Good Community in good standing. Once my geographic area becomes a Common Good Community, in the event of a cash flow crunch I will back rCredits up to my average balance over the past six months.
  3. Whenever I exchange rCredits for US Dollars or vice versa, I will exchange them one for one, and I will price my goods and services the same in rCredits and in US Dollars.
  4. I understand I will receive some rCredits from the community as Incentive Rewards that I can spend but cannot cash out. If I stop participating (or if the system ends) within 6 months of receiving my first rCredits or before the community has enough revenue to cover the Incentive Rewards, I will immediately give back whatever amount of Incentive Rewards I have received (while keeping any rCredits I received from other participants).
  5. I promise to maintain a high level of honesty, integrity, and ethics in my dealings with other rCredits participants and with the community (including the rCredits system itself). When there is a dispute, I will follow the Dispute Resolution Process and will honor its outcome.
  6. I agree to participate responsibly in managing the Common Good Economy to the best of my ability and as my life circumstances allow, including:
    1. paying attention and understanding how the Common Good Economy works
    2. participating in the decision process to set my community's funding priorities:
      1. to foster healthy, fulfilling lives for all community members and
      2. to assist communities elsewhere
    3. participating in other decisions from time to time, as needed.