rCredits Communities

The rCredits system is all about community-centered economy democracy. Here are the communities working toward that ideal, so far.

Greenfield, MA

The world's first rCredits transaction was made on Thursday, May 30, 2013, at Green Fields Market by Common Good Finance Founder, William Spademan, using his personal rCard. He bought a case of organic root beer to celebrate.

Since that time, the Greenfield rCredits system has handled over $1,000,000 in transactions. It has grown from 3 participating businesses and a dozen members to more than 30 businesses — including many popular restaurants and food markets — and hundreds of individual members.

Participating Companies

In June 2016, the Greenfield rCredits Community held its first community vote (using the rCredits online system), where members selected priorities and amounts for funding community projects out of the community's expanding escrow fund. The first round of project funding will be dispersed in January 2017.

Want to know more or help out with rCredits in Greenfield? Email organizer Emily Crehan at westernmass@rCredits.org or call 413-628-1723.

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Ann Arbor, MI

Washtenaw County rCredits launched April 1, 2015, under the leadership of software engineer Adam Konner and electrician Jim Bates. The staff at the People's Food Co-op is very supportive and has played a key role in the community's success.

Participating Companies

For more information, visit A2rCredits on FaceBook or email organizer Erica Mooney at washtenaw@rCredits.org.

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In Goshen, Indiana a group is currently conducting a "micro-trial" with one business and half a dozen organizers. For more information, contact John Glick at goshen@rCredits.org.

In Brattleboro and Putney, Vermont a group has been meeting weekly since January, 2015. Known as "BENE" (Better Economics for Neighbors Everywhere), the group launched rCredits in Southeastern Vermont in November 2015. For more information, contact Jesse de la Rosa at sevt@rCredits.org.

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If you live far from any of these rCredits communities, no worries. As more communities experience the power and abundance of rCredits, their excitement might just be exponentially contagious. So rCredits may come to your neighborhood sooner than you think.

If you want to take a leading role in bringing rCredits to your home town, let's talk.

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