What are rCredits?

rCredits are simply a way for us to give each other credit in our community, so that, in effect, there is more money to go around. More money for you, more money for local businesses, more money for the community. You can spend rCredits and be paid with rCredits just as with US Dollars.

What do you need? What does your community need? Solutions may not be easy. But it helps to have funding! With rCredits, we can plan and decide as a community how best to address our challenges. We can make those plans knowing that the funding will be there when we need it, so we can create jobs and put people to work doing what needs to be done.

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Why are rCredits an answer?

In this economy, it's hard to find US Dollars to pay for things. With rCredits we can fund what we need, without having to depend on US Dollars.

That means more funding for our schools and nonprofits and more funding for small local businesses. It means we can afford good food and clean air and water. It means startup funding for regional energy production, telecommunications, or food storage, creating hundreds of good jobs for local people.

It means we can look out for our own — our children, elders, and disabled — and create a community that works for everyone.

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